Elleard Heffern is a full-service jeweler. We conduct repair work on fine jewelry with the utmost care and expertise, and at a fair price. Please let us know what we can do for you. We will extend ourselves however possible to accommodate your wishes.

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We appraise jewelry for insurance replacement and estate purposes, sales, fair market value and charitable donations. With three American Gem Society (AGS) Certified Gemologist Appraisers on staff, we offer the most qualified credentials in the metropolitan area.

When an item is appraised, it is carefully cleaned and examined under 10-power magnification, the standard in the jewelry industry. Precious metals are identified; gemstone weights are estimated using specific formulas, then they are graded and identified in our AGS Certified Gem Laboratory. A description is written and the jewelry is photographed. The proper value is assigned to the item, depending on the purpose of the appraisal.

General fees are $100 for the first item and $75 for each subsequent item. Large collections may be priced by lot; options will be discussed in a personal consultation. To schedule a complimentary consultations, please contact us by phone or email.

If you have broken or unwanted gold jewelry that you would like to convert to cash, we offer immediate payment based on the daily market rate.

Pieces that no longer suit your taste or lifestyle may be simply cluttering your jewelry box and could be put to better use. Because we are part of an extensive network of estate jewelry dealers, we may be interested in purchasing them. Please call or email for an appointment and we will quickly evaluate your items for a potential cash offer. If you prefer cash and the offer is acceptable to you, we can pay by check immediately, or if you prefer, a higher value can be credited to your account toward a future purchase. You are under no obligation to accept Elleard Heffern’s cash offer.

Just like a home, some jewelry needs repair and other jewelry needs to be completely “gutted.” We understand the place your jewelry holds in your heart, especially family heirlooms. Because our master goldsmith uses a laser welder, which allows for repairs that previously were impossible, we often can bring a badly damaged or worn out piece of jewelry back to its former glory. This can entail custom lapidary work, seeking out antique cuts of diamonds for replacement, or finding the proper color match for gemstones missing from a ring. Our experts will know exactly how to proceed and how much work it will entail, so that an estimate can be furnished to you for your approval. There is no charge for this evaluation.

If wearing the latest designer jewelry is fabulous, wearing jewelry designed exclusively for you is . . . absolutely fabulous. At Elleard Heffern we can design the jewelry of your dreams. Our expert staff will involve you in every step of the way, from initial concept through selection of gemstones to the final fitting. Our Computer- Assisted-Design (CAD) program greatly assists in the process. Creating a custom piece of jewelry is an excellent way to incorporate a special gemstone or diamond, especially a family heirloom.

Along these same lines, sometimes a simple redesign of an existing piece of jewelry can make it more wearable and fashionable. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your less-than-favorite jewels with today’s style in mind, so that new pieces can be created for a future lifetime of enjoyment.

When you purchase a pair of diamond stud earrings from Elleard Heffern, you may trade them back in for the full retail price paid (including sales tax) toward the purchase of a more expensive pair of diamond stud earrings. All we ask is that you return any GIA or AGS Diamond Reports furnished to you at the time of purchase. This is a great way to upgrade your earrings over the years – once, twice or even more often.

Clients who spend a minimum of $5000 in a calendar year automatically receive an EH Premiere Award for redemption on future purchases.

Ask a Sales Associate for details.

In addition we provide:

  • Complimentary cleaning and checking of fine jewelry
  • Complimentary signature gift wrap on all purchases
  • Ring sizing
  • Special ring sizing devices for fingers with large knuckles
  • Bead and pearl re-stringing
  • Machine or hand-engraving of fine jewelry or other personal items
  • Wristwatch battery replacement and repairs
  • Ring removal by jeweler's saw
  • Estimates-to-Replace for loss of insured jewelry
  • Jewelry wardrobe consultation
  • Searching for specific estate jewelry pieces
  • Jewelry Photography services
  • Shipping and delivery services
  • House-calls or office visits
  • Gift certificates in any denomination
  • An extensive library of books on jewelry and gemology