A trip to Italy as a young boy inspired Adam Foster’s life-long love of beautiful craftsmanship in all things.  This inspiration translated into a passion for creating high quality, meticulously executed, exquisitely designed fine jewelry for the most discerning of clientele.

Raised in St. Louis, Adam received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in metalsmithing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Following graduation, he began working as a designer, manufacturer and retailer of fine art jewelry in his hometown, creating a loyal following for more than a dozen years. Elleard Heffern recently was selected to partner and represent Adam Foster Fine Art Jewelry exclusively in St. Louis.

Adam Foster’s aesthetic is a study in contrasts:  past and present, traditional and contemporary, delicate and bold.  He pairs Old World jewelry-making techniques with the latest technology to create pieces that present a modern sensibility with a nod to the past.  For example, each diamond is set by hand, but while using a high powered microscope to do so.

His pieces are visually arresting and modern, with design as the focus.  He says his jewelry should be a reflection of the wearer, with individuality being of utmost importance.  Adam’s specialty is creating one-of-a-kind, custom designs, utilizing sophisticated CAD processes and 3D printing to create exact prototypes throughout the process.  All work is done by Adam personally, sometimes including even the lapidary process of fashioning a rough piece of mineral into a faceted or cabochon gemstone.

Adam’s passion for learning and preserving classic techniques is exhibited in the beautiful Florentine engraving featured on many of his pieces, all of which is done by hand.  He prefers to update the style of finishes, but “keep it classic.”  It’s no surprise that his two favorite jewelers are the ultra-exclusive JAR of Paris and the Italian house Buccellati.

Adam Foster Fine Art Jewelry is available in-store, and Adam is available by appointment to meet with clients at Elleard Heffern for custom design projects.  Please contact a sales associate for details.



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