A trip to Italy as a young boy inspired Adam Foster’s life-long love of beautiful craftsmanship in all things.  This inspiration translated into a passion for creating high quality, meticulously executed, exquisitely designed fine jewelry for the most discerning of clientele.

Emily Armenta is an historian, a romantic, and a skilled jeweler.  Her signature pieces of blackened silver and rich yellow gold are inspired by Spain’s most famous and important poet of the 20th century, Frederico Garcia Lorca.

Nature provides the raw materials, and Peter Schmid crafts the dialogue between the natural crystalline structures of the gemstones and avant-garde art.

Daria de Koning creates works of art that make one stand out in a crowd; jewelry that makes the wearer feel one-of-a-kind.

Elleard Heffern Fine Jewelers offers a unique selection of fine jewelry found nowhere else in the world.

Gurhan’s handcrafted high-karat gold and silver jewelry is both distinctive and fashionable, created for the woman who desires an alternative to traditional style.

Brazilian jeweler H.Stern, recognized and acclaimed creators of fine jewelry in the world today, are known for their innovative use of large colored gemstones, exclusive alloys of high-karat gold, and powerful, feminine designs.

The inherent beauty of nature has always been John Iversen’s inspiration.

The woman who wears JudeFrances jewelry is classic, sexy, and elegant. Her look is everyday chic and her lifestyle is on-the-go.

Since 1907, Kwiat has been one of America’s most trusted family-owned houses of diamond jewelry design.  With a passion for beauty and a deep understanding of gemstones, Kwiat has spent more than a century cutting diamonds to bring out their brilliance.

Lika Behar's exceptional collection of handmade jewelry is beautifully designed, features unusual gemstones, is highly wearable, and is created thoughtfully for the woman who will own it.

Margery Hirschey is one of the rising stars in fine jewelry, having launched her eponymous collection in 2008.

“My jewelry is like beautiful music; it plays off of negative and positive space and combines color, texture and shape,” Margo says.

For the past 25 years, Mark Patterson has been creating jewelry recognized for its creativity, innovation and unsurpassed craftsmanship. In each piece he strives to achieve a balance between a beautiful gemstone and an elegant design.

Masriera jewels are masterpieces that speak to the delicate nature of beauty; a synonym for quality and art in fine jewelry.

When Michael Bondanza began working in platinum in the 1980s, his bold and imaginative concepts truly created a sensation.

A delicate balance between tension and flexibility, complexity and simplicity – these are the hallmarks of Michael Good jewelry.

Coming off a momentous 100th anniversary in 2012, Oscar Heyman & Brothers continues its reign as “the jeweler’s jeweler,®” producing artful masterpieces from start to finish, all under one roof on Madison Avenue.

The seamlessly woven jewelry that Rachel Zolotov creates involves patience, precision, and a skill that is no longer seen in contemporary jewelry. 

With impeccable attention to detail and the highest quality craftsmanship, Slane designs are hand-cast, hand-assembled and hand-finished – techniques usually reserved for only the finest gold jewelry.

Glamorous, provocative, assertive. The work of Stephen Webster commands one’s attention.

Drawing on generations of traditional craftsmanship, the art of creative Italian goldsmithing is exemplified in full by Vendorafa jewelry.  

The world of Vhernier captures the imagination with creative and unexpected jewels utilizing sculptural forms, organic shapes and architecturally-inspired designs.

Yvel is known first and foremost for its sumptuous pearl jewelry.