Believed by ancient cultures to be the tears of the gods or fallen splinters of stars, diamonds have been treasured for over 2500 years. Their name comes from the ancient Greek term adamas, “impossible to tame”, a perfect descriptor for the intense beauty of one of the world’s most spectacular gems. Today, diamonds have become one of the most popular gemstones and a diamond engagement or wedding ring is said to be a symbol of eternity and love.

Carat Weight

Carat is a unit of measurement used to indicate the weight of gemstones. One carat is equal to 1/5th of a gram, and a carat is divided into 100 points. Thus, a diamond weighing 25 points equals 1/4 carat or .25ct. Carat weight is the most obvious of the “4 Cs.”


What makes a diamond sparkle beautifully is the way that it is cut – the cut unlocks the brilliance and fire of the diamond so that it refracts light and disperses a rainbow of color. Every Elleard Heffern diamond has been evaluated for cut and only the very finest stones that meet our exacting standards are offered for sale. Our favorites are "AGS Triple Zeros," which offer maximum brilliance.


Practically all diamonds contain naturally occurring internal characteristics called “inclusions.”  The size, nature, location and number of these birthmarks determine a diamond’s clarity grade and affect its value. At Elleard Heffern, we offer diamonds ranging from Flawless through SI clarity, as graded by the GIA.


Most diamonds, although appearing colorless, actually have slight tones of yellow or brown. As these tones become more easily apparent, the rarity and the value of the diamond decreases. The GIA’s scale for comparing relative color grades of diamonds begins with D for “colorless,” and ending at Z, which has obvious color. At Elleard Heffern, we offer loose diamonds ranging from D through K, which will show faint color in the proper grading conditions.

Fancy colored diamonds in shades of intense yellow, pink or blue and other hues are much rarer than the white diamonds seen in most jewelry. In addition to the “fancies” in our showcases, Elleard Heffern Fine Jewelers also has access to some of the world’s most spectacular fancy diamonds, for the connoisseur who desires a truly special gem.

Our Promise

At Elleard Heffern, every diamond we sell is competitively priced and is of high quality. Every loose diamond we sell weighing more than 1.00ct. is independently graded by the GIA or AGS and has its own unique diamond certificate. Elleard Heffern diamonds are never treated, laser-drilled, fracture-filled or enhanced in any manner other than expert cutting and polishing, nor do we sell diamond substitutes or synthetics. We use “Best Practices” in our purchasing, working only with diamond cutters who certify ethical business practices that do not violate human rights.

Whether you have researched diamonds for months or are just getting a general idea of what diamonds are all about, our experienced sales staff welcomes the opportunity to meet you and answer as many questions as you might have.

If the exact diamond you are looking for isn’t currently in stock, we will find several options within your parameters and present them to you at our next visit together. This will give you the important opportunity to conduct stone-to-stone comparison.

Once you have made your selection, we can teach you more about your beautiful new diamond. You will learn how to find any birthmarks that immediately identify your stone. We will make recommendations on how to keep your ring clean, so that it always looks its sparkling best. Of course, any time you drop by the store and would like your ring professionally cleaned and checked, we are happy to do so, promptly and at no charge.